Asset Disposition

A better way to manage the equipment you no longer need!

Most companies find that they have to replace their IT equipment every few years to stay current with changing business requirements and technological advancements. RH5 Technologies’ Maintenance Program helps you extend that timeline as long as possible, but when it’s time to upgrade, we can also help you dispose of the equipment you no longer need with our Asset Disposition Service.

RH5 Technologies will not only take the equipment off your hands, but because we understand the market value of the assets, we can make sure you receive every last dollar of value before you get rid of it.


Asset Remarketing: You no longer need it, but it still has value. Get the most money for your used IT equipment.

Certified Data Erasure: Make sure your equipment is wiped clean of confidential company data before you dispose of it.

Asset Disposal and Destruction: Adhere to compliance regulations by properly disposing of your end-of-life IT equipment.