Disaster Recovery

Think high-end disaster recovery systems are reserved for large companies with deep pockets? Think again. Having a plan that ensures your IT environment is up and running after a disaster is critical to your business, but so is having a healthy cash flow. We don’t think you should have to choose between the two. If high up-front fees are keeping you from implementing a recovery plan, or if you’re looking at ways to reduce monthly IT costs, it’s time to consider RH5 Technologies.

RH5 Technologies combines the experience and reliability you need with the flexibility and pricing you want to deliver a disaster recovery plan that addresses your organization’s requirements. What makes us different? Consider the following:

Competitive Pricing - Our utility-based pricing model is designed to keep your monthly costs low. Instead of frontloading the equipment usage and testing fees pay, with RH5 Technologies, you pay for what you use when you use it.

Extensive Hardware Resources - We separate ourselves from our competitors by having immediately over $100 million dollars in inventory across most technology manufacturers and product lines. This allows us to build a solution that replicates your organization’s unique environment.

Flexible testing environment - Do you want to test your recovery solution during weekdays without having to work all night, looking for flexible test time? Be our guest. Do you need the ability to re-test cases based on the first set of data? Not a problem. We don’t dictate the terms of your testing protocol. You tell us what you need and we make it happen. We’ll even ship the equipment to you if that’s more convenient.

Proven Expertise - Our highly-skilled staff features OEM-certified technicians who spend their days testing and retesting equipment so they understand it inside and out. This experience allows us to create and implement customized recovery solutions for large and small companies across a variety of industries.