Leasing IT equipment is an important way companies can lower their IT costs, incorporate more flexibility into their IT infrastructure, and better project future expenses. At the same time, leasing protects against the maintenance and obsolescence of older equipment. With over $100 million dollars in inventory, RH5 Technologies can offer you the systems you need along with flexible leasing terms.

When it comes to leasing, consider what makes RH5 Technologies different:

IT-Focused - RH5 Technologies is one of the largest suppliers of new and refurbished IT equipment, which gives us the flexibility to remarket assets once they come off lease. This expertise allows us to offer more favorable terms than lenders who provide many different types of business equipment and have to worry about disposing of them when the lease is up or mid-term.

OEM Neutral - Leasing with RH5 Technologies offers a level of flexibility you won't find from the original manufacturer. Not only is it convenient to bundle a variety of different products, you're not locked into a particular vendor. If you decide you want to switch vendors at the end of the lease, we're happy to accommodate.

Back-end Lease Protection - You don't have a crystal ball that tells you what IT equipment you will need three years from now, and you don't want to be taken advantage of at the end of the lease. We provide back end lease protection to put the control back in your hands.